LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues announced [News]

TT Games and LucasArts recently announced LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

Due out this fall for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PSP, Windows, Wii, and Nintendo DS, the game is apparently going to include all of the content from the first LEGO Indiana Jones, along with new objectives, a new Crystal Skull section, and a level editor (a first among the current generation of LEGO games).

10 comments on “LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues announced [News]

  1. tyro_972

    You know whats the best level editor in all LEGO games? ACTUALLY PLAYING LEGO!!!

    I just don’t understand LEGO computer games, and why there’s even a demand for them (sinse they keep making them). Its like every good plot avilable for a child’s imagination is being ruined by media products.

  2. Graeme Allen

    I’m torn. I want the KCS levels, and the level builder (wanted THAT since LEGO Star Wars), but I’ve already got the first copy. Now, what I’m wondering is why didn’t they add all this stuff in the FIRST game? And what if the dynamic duo makes MORE Indy films? What are they going to do then? LEGO Indiana Jones 3? Or 4? But I really want that level builder, so I think I might sell my copy of Indy 1, then buy this one.

  3. stephendsdude

    This sounds awesome! I can’t wait for this game! Hopefully this game will actually work, because on my PC version of the Original Adventures, I can’t get past the part on the Last Crusade where you push the chair to finish the level. It just won’t push.

    I’m really looking forward to the level editor, because I LOVE designing things, especially things that I can play with/on.

    Maybe the controls for this game will be more fluid than the Original Adventures.

  4. stephendsdude

    Graeme Allen,

    You do realize that more Indy films are very unlikely. You obviusly saw the age difference in Harrison Ford from The Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It won’t look very good if Indy gets even older (no offense toward Ford).

    But this game looks AWESOME!!!

  5. Brickwares

    Very exciting. My son will love this. The Lego Games are some of the only Wii games we can play together, and they help spark his interest in actual Lego and the sets. Indy was perhaps the weakest of the first three (Star Wars, Indy, Batman), this should solve that.

  6. Graeme Allen

    stephendsdude, the dynamic duo is very open towards making more films, Harrison Ford is capable of doing more films (he was in his 60’s when Crystal Skull came out), and I think audiences will go and see more films. So, I would say it’s very likely that there will be more.

  7. David4

    Why didn’t they include this in the first game?

    So they can get more of your money for doing very little work.

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