Life, uh, finds a eat you.

Life, uh, finds a eat you. At least that’s how Zio Chao seems to see it, based on this amazing LEGO Spino-Tyraptor dinosaur hybrid.

Hovercars don’t have to be bright to be beautiful

GolPlaysWithLego has built a hovercar that could easily pass as a concept car for the near future. Maybe someday soon, we can look for something like this at the Autoshow.

TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for August 17, 2019 [News]

In this week’s Brick Report we look at the new Disney Train set, take a tour of the Strong National Museum of Play and more!

It’s not about how you build your castle, it’s about where you build it

Go on a journey through the Western Gate of Zamorah Valley with this great diorama by Peter Ilmrud.

What’s grey and green and shaped like a rover?

With 32 tires, you can tell that builder Alec Hole wheely knows what he’s doing when it comes to Classic Space vehicles.

This construction pod just might ruin your bacteria

Dwalin Forkbeard delves deep into the microscopic world of bacteriophage with this spherical construction pod.

It’s a wild, wild life with these jaw-dropping LEGO jungle animals

The humans have left and the animals have taken over the ruins in this exotic model by City Son!

A New York high rise to help your rise to the high life

Enjoy the perfect view of Central Park from your luxury condo in Spencer_R’s microscale recreation of 15 Central Park West!

Life from the ashes, like a leafy kind of phoenix

Today’s reminder that you are living on a dying planet comes in the shape of a plant-man built by Patrick Biggs.

Repetition is the key to memorization, and to good architecture

Experience the harmony of ornate architectural form with Brother Steven’s latest castle build!

I’m a rhinoceros hornbill. How-do-you-do!

Marco Gan cares deeply about the animals of Southeast Asia. Here is a charming rhinoceros hornbill here to say how-do-you-do!

I’m a frog-mech. What are you?

If life were a game of Frogger, this frog-mech by Mitsuru Nikaido would likely run over you.