Not so tiny: This microscale LEGO Hogwarts uses over 75,000 pieces

Mathieu BL taps into his LEGO wizardry to build a beautiful miniature model of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

LEGO Ninjago summer 2019 wave revealed with 12 sets [News]

Get your first official look at Ninjago’s summer sets, featuring a new Titan Mech, Fire Fang, and a whole lot more across 12 new sets.

LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower now available for free with purchase [News]

The Avengers Tower exclusive set comes with 211 pieces and an Iron Man minifigure, and is free with LEGO Marvel Super Hero purchases more than than $75.

A place to find crystals, cupcakes and kidnapped little girls

Join Isaac Snyder in Elvendale, the magical land of elves, goblins and magic.

Superfast redhead has the Italian look

Firas Abu-Jaber’s brick-built Ferrari will attract a tonne of attention on the streets of LEGO City

Historical black hole picture and ALMA observatory antenna accurately built in LEGO

One of the most important images captured in our lifetimes is recreated by Luis Peña — the M87 supermassive black hole, and it’s accompanied by an ALMA observatory antenna that helped take the picture.

LEGO Education releases two new construction-themed sets for FIRST LEGO League [NEWS]

Check out these two new LEGO sets for the upcoming FIRST LEGO League season

A spaceship built for two

Make sure your LEGO spacemen have someone special to take on a space mission in this lovely ship by aido k!

Dinomite build of a mechanical T-rex

Inspired by the Technic Dinosaur in LEGO House, hachiroku24 pulls off a nice looking miniature version the T-Rex.

Shiny ride for a dark knight

A shiny edition of the Batpod by ianying616 is just too good not to ride in daylight

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man: Far From Home sets revealed [News]

Spider-Man: Far From Home LEGO sets have been revealed, featuring the Nick Fury, Happy Hogan, Molten Man, Hydro-Man and more.

Could Classic Space and Blacktron ever get along?

Jon & Catherine Stead bring us a Blacktron-esque Classic Space laser mining vehicle that will make you feel like you are mining moon rock yourself!