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The actual biological brother of Andrew Becraft. Recently emerging from dim ages and participating more actively in the LEGO community. Moving beyond just squealing in delight under the Christmas tree every year and on birthdays. Actively involved in SandLUG and newly posting on Flickr under the name Yupa-sama. Main interests are in historical vignettes, architecture, Star Wars, the seedy underbelly of anything, Japan, nature, Terry Pratchett's Discworld and clever things that tickles his fancy. Generally just fascinated by culture, subculture, counterculture and multiculture. Married, two and half cats, securely employed (thank god), vegetarian teetotaler and news junkie. Apologies for the slight anonymity, but unlike most people, in Thanel's line of work--alas, not secret agency--online networking is as likely to be detrimental as constructive. Connecting with clients personally and repeat business are distinctly bad ideas, so he'd rather keep his real name on the DL as much as possible. He's happy to reveal his secret identity in-person (or online as Andrew's brother). He just wants to keep the explicit electronic signature of his real name and undisclosed underground bunker location to a minimum.

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If I were a legovore . . .

. . . I would so eat this. This entry by Sven Junga for the Mocathalon contest is fantastic in and of itself, but the brick built scalloped edge plate, garnish and crustacean flesh extractor all enhance the awesomeness.

LEGO lobster Sven Junga

Psycho Clickipiller

This psychedelic Clickipiller train by Megan Rothrock (megzter1) is both a cute creative concept, and a bit disturbing. I especially like the googly eyes and odd angle of the mouth.

LEGO Clickipiller Train Megan Rothrock

I think I would generally be more into trains if they were covered in Clikits.

Médecins Sans Planètes

This Ploughshare Evacuation Vehicle by Lord Pappadhum is both a solid little build and a nice twist on the space fighter concept by converting it into the workhorse of a futuristic non-governmental organization.

LEGO Lord Pappadhum Ploughshare Evacuation Vehicle

I really like both the simple color scheme and the red cross emblazoned treatment pod at the back.

I want to go to Sesame Street

At least this cute little one by Matt Armstrong (monsterbrick). My favorites for sure are Oscar the Grouch and Elmo’s little clam head, but Cookie Monster comes in a close.

LEGO monsterbrick Sesame Street

Why in the world am I not camped outside Matt’s house waiting for the next great creation?

Articulated Bus by Veeborg

A commuter bus seems like a pretty good summary of the last few months of my life, except this working articulated bus by Vibor Cavor (Veeborg) is so much cooler than anything I’ve been riding.

LEGO Veeborg Articulated Bus

So worth checking out the rest of his photoset of this bus since he goes into such detail about the interior workings. The doors open and everything.

Crimson Permanent Assurance

When I first saw the Crimson Permanent Assurance section of Monty Python’s Meaning of Life when I was a kid it simply blew my mind. This Cafe Corner standard version by gotoAndLego does the same.

LEGO gotoAndLego Crimson Permanent Assurance

It’s a pretty imposing structure and fairly close to the appropriate architectural features for the building. I would find this thing crewed by elderly clerks driven mad quite intimidating if it drifted past my office.

Dragonfly Gunship by Aaron Dayman

I just love the dark green color scheme and ruggedness of this gunship by Aaron Dayman.

pic name

This one will range far and wide

This modified off-road Range Rover by Cole Blaq is simply phenomenal. It looks ready for anything.

LEGO Cole Blaq Range Rover

The intentional hunched back look between the engine and passenger compartments is so well done.

Abu Simbel by Shmails

I’m liking the imposing majesty conveyed by Jonathan Gilbert (Shmails) in this loose micro rendition of the Abu Simbel temple complex on the Nile in Egypt.

LEGO micro Abu Simbel by Shmails

He’s also made a quite a nice vignette from the opening scene in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.

Familiar . . . but tiny

I spent four days under the shadow of Robin Sather’s 1:1 scale torii gate at BrickCon last weekend, so it was lovely to see this equally impressive-but much smaller- version of Miyajima Torii by Matija Grguric.

Matija Grguric Miyajima Torii

Nine lives, ten rockets . . . you do the math.

A title by Brian Kescenovitz (mondayn00dle) that’s simply too cool not to use. Matches the scene perfectly. Beyond the silly appeal, it’s a well constructed and posed mech. Full of nice part usage like the scout trooper helmets as hips and minifig arms to add some curves to the feet.

LEGO mondayn00dle 10 rocket mecha

For the record, I’m a cat lover and owner and nobody will be able to convince me this isn’t funny. The cat is nimble, I’m sure it can take it.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Hidden Captain Jack at Comic-Con [NEWS]

A friend pointed out this hidden little gem inside one of the Prince of Persia LEGO display cases at Comic-Con International. Sure looks like a prototype Captain Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack prototype

Thanks for the tip, Bruno!

UPDATE: Julie Stern from LEGO Brand Relations tells The Brothers Brick, “Yes, that is a pirate among the prince of Persia sets. Stay tuned for more details surrounding this 2011 line.”