Articulated Bus by Veeborg

A commuter bus seems like a pretty good summary of the last few months of my life, except this working articulated bus by Vibor Cavor (Veeborg) is so much cooler than anything I’ve been riding.

LEGO Veeborg Articulated Bus

So worth checking out the rest of his photoset of this bus since he goes into such detail about the interior workings. The doors open and everything.

7 comments on “Articulated Bus by Veeborg

  1. mandylion

    Peter and box -I think you’re right. Thanx for reminding me of that error!
    worker – never in my life have I seen the bike rack on an articulated bus since those buses are used only for short distances in the cities, but thanx for the idea ;))

  2. Andrew

    ^ worker and I have lived in the same part of the States, and nearly all our buses in this region have bike racks. Interesting to learn how the same vehicles are used differently in different parts of the world. :-)

  3. Veeborg

    Andrew – Really? I never knew that. Thanx for the info. I know that european intercity trains have wagons for bikes but I’ve never seen a city bus with a bike rack.

    Sam – Thanx, man

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