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Truck Geniuses Hanging Out

Three of the best truck builders out there (Ingmar Spijkhoven, Dennis Bosman and Bricksonwheels) decided to meet. Here is how some of their models look brought together. You might have seen some of those before, but I guess never in this awesome combos.

Bricksonwheels and Dennis Bosman (Legotrucks)

The one is meeting the other (1)

RX-78-2 Gundam

My friend Marin Stipkovic is finally building again. It’s always a treat to look at his creations and all the witty techniques he comes up with to build them. This Gundam was completed in just 2 days. Visit his MOCpages to see this mecha in all the different poses with selection of weapons. All the joints are movable, so he can even make some funny dance moves. (Gundam, not Marin – his movable joints doesn’t help a lot with dancing, only building)

RX-78-2 Gundam


Battle for the Imperial City

A P (Sirens-of-Titan) just built and wrote chapter 10 in his Rise of the Mage series. You can again take a look at a couple of beautiful creations built to follow a very cool story. Here are my favorites – Street in the city of Prestlaff and city slums.


We have already blogged Paul Hetherington’s (Brickbaron) beautiful Atlantis model, and now it turns out that it was actually only a WIP of even larger and more impressive creation. Poseidon is built for Vancouver Lego Club‘s Mythology exhibit at the Surrey Museum, running July through to September 15th 2012.


Smolny Cathedral

Heath Flor builds a replica of Smolny Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia. It took Heath almost a year to plan and build it, and he used between 20 and 30 thousand bricks to complete it. This is his largest project so far, and I must say it was truly worth the effort! It is simply amazing. With large projects like this, it is not only the beauty of the model we need to admire, but also all the time, effort and patience needed to complete it.

An Unexpected Discovery

As soon as I’ve seen this photo’s thumbnail, it reminded me of Avatar. I turns out that -infomaniac- really based this creation on the Western Air Temple from the show. Amazing rock work, beautiful trees and architecture is what makes me like this.

An Unexpected Discovery

On the side note, if you still haven’t, it’s time to start watching the sequel to Avatar – Legend of Korra. You too might get inspired to build something as awesome as this.

Castle of the Royal Bat

I really love all the angles and curves on this small brilliant castle. Even the base is round instead of rectangular. Another original detail is all the ‘legwork’ on the water. Be sure to take a look at other castles from Lukasz Wiktorowicz as this one is definitelly not his only ace.

An Unexpected Journey

We still have long time to wait for The Hobbit in theaters, but here is a little treat that makes the wait easier. Bricko (Caleb) has recreated a Hobbit poster in LEGO. Both the nice model and adept photography makes this poster just perfect.

Sneaker Freaker Big Foot

Orion Pax (Alexander Jones) builds this impressive power functions truck for a Sneaker Freaker event in Zurich. He used the simple and effective chassis for monster trucks designed by mahjqa.

This is also Alex’s first model featured on his new website.

Consul Pust Steam Trawler

Konajra (Arjan Oude Kotte) from Netherlands builds a beautiful steam-driven fishing boat. This is one of his 5 ships that will be on display both in Skaerbaek LEGO Fan weekend and LEGO FanWelt in Cologne. If you won’t be lucky enough to visit one of those events, be sure to check all the ship’s details in Arjan’s photos on Flickr. I am most impressed with his brick-built hull and all the strings he used to make it more real.

Polish truck

Karwik again impresses us with his minifigure scaled vehicles. This time he builds one from his home country – Jeltcz 317D, from seventies, hauling a Polish Ocean Lines container on its trailer.

Home Insurance Building

My friend Gordan Grguric just finished his long term project – Home Insurance Building in Chicago. Built in 1884, it is considered to be the World’s first skyscraper – you can read more on the topic on Wikipedia. As the building was demolished, Gordan used old photographs and postcards to reproduce it in LEGO bricks.

Model counts more than 80.000 bricks, and is completely modular – separates into 60 segments for easier transportation. It will be displayed on Brickworld in Chicago for the first time, so if you’re near, be sure to visit.