Home Insurance Building

My friend Gordan Grguric just finished his long term project – Home Insurance Building in Chicago. Built in 1884, it is considered to be the World’s first skyscraper – you can read more on the topic on Wikipedia. As the building was demolished, Gordan used old photographs and postcards to reproduce it in LEGO bricks.

Model counts more than 80.000 bricks, and is completely modular – separates into 60 segments for easier transportation. It will be displayed on Brickworld in Chicago for the first time, so if you’re near, be sure to visit.

3 comments on “Home Insurance Building

  1. kost

    Amazing to see Grguric blogging Grguric! It makes me very proud to know you guys! I was following the progress of this amazing MOC from the very start and I must admit that Gordan didn’t surprise me – It’s amazing build, as I was expecting it to be from a builder and person like him :) Very happy to see it finished on time for Brickworld!

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