Janey “Red Brick” Gunning asked us to share this message about Brickfete :)

Last chance! Don’t delay. This means YOU!
You have just one week to register for the biggest and best (and only) CANADIAN AFOL Convention!

Aside from seeing all the cool LEGO creations and meeting all the
awesome builders… attending Brickfete gets you so SO MUCH MORE!!
Including access to all our games and activities!!!

You can look forward to our Auction, Build Challenges, Brick Trivia,
Various Contests (such as Sugar Pie, Pimp My Moose, Custom Fig,
Miniland Figure, Cube Dude, Life of George, Speed Build, Speed Sort
and Heroes), plus Dirty Brickster and his dirtier little brother,
Dirty MOCster.

You are invited to play in the “Look What I Made!” free build area or
enter (or watch) our Mindstorms & IR/RC Games (such as Fire Fighting,
Pit of Despair and Techball).

But THATS NOT ALL… we have raffles at both Opening & Closing
Ceremonies, presentations, our very own keynote speaker (Waves at

Plus if you act now! Your very own Brickfete engraved brick and other
event bag goodies.

Don’t delay in booking, operators are standing by now!

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  1. JaneyRedBrick

    LOL, that should read the ‘biggest and best (and only) CANADIAN AFOL Convention’.

    Thanks so much for posting this, can’t wait to see our old and new AFOL friends at the event.


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