Castle of the Royal Bat

I really love all the angles and curves on this small brilliant castle. Even the base is round instead of rectangular. Another original detail is all the ‘legwork’ on the water. Be sure to take a look at other castles from Lukasz Wiktorowicz as this one is definitelly not his only ace.

2 comments on “Castle of the Royal Bat

  1. Eklund

    This is certainly another masterpiece from Lukasz. And as a castle builder myself, this is a very inspiring creation. I love the usage of 1×1 plates and cheese slopes to achieve an arch on some of the windows.

  2. DFOL

    That is one of the cutest castles i have seen in a while. There are some nice techniques going on there, like the plate/cheese slope built arches and the legs for water (would’ve never thought of that). But what i love most is the irregular shape of the castle in general and how well it is integrated in the whole scene. Very well done!

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