Brickworld 2012 Guided Tour

For those who couldn’t make it to Brickworld in Chicago this past weekend, Chris and I shot a video of us walking through the entire exhibit and highlighting some MOCs. Our goal was to bring you as close to the convention as we could, and we welcome your feedback to improve our future coverage of the events. Grab some snacks and enjoy!

7 comments on “Brickworld 2012 Guided Tour

  1. NeXT-Generation

    Ooh! Ooh! That’s my stuff at the end! Around the computer monitor. The robots almost beat Steve Hassenplug. They came in second.

  2. DarthNick

    LOL… Chris called the event Brickcon at one point.

    But nice job boys. And next time you plan on filming me for a good 20 seconds, let me know you’re there. :P

  3. bermudafreze

    Nannan, I watched the walkthrough video that you did for Brickfair, and with only you narrating, it seemed a little odd, like you were conscious that it looked like you were talking to yourself.

    With Chris there to co-narrate, it seemed a lot more natural, and you could play off each other when one of you knew more about a particular model than the other. I definitely recommend the two-man team approach for walkthrough videos. I thought this worked really well.

  4. ejbocan

    Thanks for stopping to talk about my “The Day The Earth Stood Still” mosaic at 26:40! I had a great time at Brickworld and hope everyone who couldn’t make it enjoys your video tour. Nice job! :-)

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