Smolny Cathedral

Heath Flor builds a replica of Smolny Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia. It took Heath almost a year to plan and build it, and he used between 20 and 30 thousand bricks to complete it. This is his largest project so far, and I must say it was truly worth the effort! It is simply amazing. With large projects like this, it is not only the beauty of the model we need to admire, but also all the time, effort and patience needed to complete it.

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  1. matija Post author

    Thank you kaletad. It is interesting how people tend to correct your mistakes, before even checking if they really are mistakes – I would always google it before saying something like that.

  2. kik36

    Thank you very much for the nod Matija! It’s a real honor to be recognized by another architectural builder such as yourself as well as the likes of that one Arthur guy. :P

    As for Deus…’re thinking of: Sankt-Peterburg, which is how it translates after the Romanization process. However St. Petersburg is how the city is recognized for non Russian speaking folks, and is even how it is listed on the official Russian tourism sites. In fact, I spoke with quite a few people who had relatives in “St. Petersburg” during Brickworld last week who couldn’t wait to send them photos of the build.

  3. Deus

    Wikipedia! The most reliable source for any debatable subject!

    I believe you both lived in Russia and have learned russian for years even after that (to stay in touch with the language)? Sankt Peterpurg is not a modified word like Moscow, because the former was made to be an European city, which is what it is taken as even today. Modified city names are mostly a legacy of olden times, which is when st. Peterburg has not existed yet.

    – I would always read a book (something that is called a “reliable source”) before saying something like that.

  4. Xenomurphy

    In Germany it’s called Sankt Petersburg, with ‘s’. For somebody who loves to hide behind “English is only my second language”, you are very picky about the correct spelling of words, instead of simply enjoying a masterpiece, like I and so many others did.

    Well, if someone doesn’t get attention by building great MOCs, this person probably needs to get attention by making redundant remarks.

    And now go and find the typing error in my comment.

  5. Modok

    Truly amazing build. I’m amazed at the patience and attention to detail it must take to turn 30,000 bricks into something like this.

    Kind of sad that this has the most comments on a post here in quite a while, and they’re nearly all about the spelling. Let it go.

  6. DFOL

    Guys, let’s just focus on the model here. It’s a whole lot more interesting than the spelling.

    Looking at the reference pictures, i think Heath did a beautiful job at recreating the cathedral. I could point out some minor proportional issues in some parts of the design, but i’m not going to. The time, effort, level of detail and just the sheer number of bricks that went into this build is just magnificent. Well done Heath!

  7. Lee

    One of my favourite builds of the show. Colour choice, parts usage, sheer size of the build. I used to think you wife was the better builder, this (plus two of your other builds that are in my coveted collection) blows me away. You rock brother! The highlight of your build for me was seeing Arthur come over and congratulate you on a flawless build. Douhce (sic), pray we never meet.


  8. Lee

    Not that the dude needs any more publicity but can you spell:
    A-s-p-e-r-g-e-r s-y-n-d-r-o-m-e?

    The ‘s’ in St. should be capitalized as well. I just love when people have to try to convince others that they are smart. In this case – epic fail. Head under pillow, go look at sister’s builds as they are better than yours dude, and may I suggest taking up walking? Just don’t chew gum at the same time as I would hate for one of my colleagues to have to sew up your face in the ER.

    Heath – again, you blew me away with this build!

    PS –

  9. Deus

    Well, excuse me if every single Russian and russist I had ever talked to was complaining how everybody says it wrong.

    Oh, no! Now you have to flame me to oblivion for correting a person to the best of my knowledge!
    As if such a great build needs even more praise. Everybody already told Heath this was an amazing creation, so even more of the same would not change anything.

  10. Delatron

    ^ Don’t you mean ‘correcting’? *ahem*

    Everybody stop feeding the troll and admire the superb Lego build please, it deserves all the recognition it gets.

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