One small contest for man...

Tim previously announced the contest that Stijn (Red Spacecat) and I are running over at the Starfighters Group on flickr. Figured since it was the half way point of the contest, I would take the opportunity to spread the word a little more.

This whole contest was a total last minute whim on my part, and it was only when Stijn graciously arranged the prize sponsorship with Morebricks that it became a legitimate endeavour. So far the participation has been outstanding, with 23 entries of all shapes and sizes. I don’t want to give away my favourites quite yet, but be sure to check them all out. Personally I still haven’t built a ship for it, but my man Stijn has totally shown me how it is done with his EADS TWDS ‘LONGBOW’. As usual his presentation is rather fantastic!


So all you space-boys and space-gilrs out there…get your bricks out and start getting creative. Lets see if we can’t get 50+ entries. You have until August 1st.

Oh yeah, one last bit of incentive…behold this swanky 1st place trophy!!!!

Real World Starfighter Contest Trophy