Beautiful castle of the Elves by Takeshi Itou

Japanese builder Takeshi Itou has been one of the most influential castle builders in the LEGO community, raising the bar worldwide, beginning when fans were first discovering each other online. His gorgeous castles rely largely upon older pieces and clean lines, clearly inspired by the golden age of LEGO castle lines in the 1980s. Takeshi’s latest piece Continue reading →

Takeshi Itou bridges the gap

Takeshi Itou is one of the most incredible Castle builders out there. Every one of his creations is incredible. Its been quite awhile since his last one, but it has definitely been worth the wait. This City Hall with linking bridges is very striking and I love all of the various Tudor houses. (Via E-Klocki)

Hikone Castle by Takeshi Itou

Takeshi Itou may not be the most prolific builder, but his creations are always worth the wait. His latest creation is Hikone Castle. Today, the castle is a National Treasure because it’s one of the rare castles from the feudal era that wasn’t torn down or destroyed and then rebuilt in modern times as a Continue reading →

Takeshi Itou does it again!

Takeshi Itou has recently posted pictures of his latest masterpiece, “Fog Valley Castle. Once again, this incredible builder has created some out of the ordinary. Perched on one of his trademark cliffs, the castle seems to floating on the three waterfalls pouring from its base. Check it all out here! Add to | Digg Continue reading →

Surely a Gratuitous Display...

Here is a little salacious action for your Friday night viewing pleasure courtesy of your dirty uncle Hugebricks. It is a special thrill to finally bring this exciting builder and his underappreciated work into the TBB family. I know this is an older model and we here at the blog like to give you only Continue reading →

Gratuitously garish GARC

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a genuinely successful LEGO bandwagon — remember Cave Racers and IATTAR? — but it looks like GARC (which, as you may recall, is a thing) is taking off quite nicely. One of my favorites so far is this garish beauty by Uspez Morbo that he calls the “Techno Continue reading →

[Enter gratuitous sheep joke here]

I looked at it, so now you have to. Guy Himber has done it again and I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or run away. I do know one thing. It’s disturbing on a deeper level because someone just saw this over my shoulder and swore at my screen. So it must be good, Continue reading →

The Magic Shop

Takeshi Itou is an incredible Castle builder. One of the best. His latest creation is simply overflowing with whimsy and charm.

Anthony Sava: Have smoker will travel – Boilerplate & Beyond Vol. 1 [Interview]

We’re excited to have LEGO icon Keith Goldman conducting several interviews for us with fellow LEGO fans. Take it away, Keith! This week’s builder is Tony “SavaTheAggie” Sava, who broke onto the scene the same time as I did, which automatically makes him interesting because he had a front row seat for my meteoric rise Continue reading →

Japanese LEGO Builders

This post collects all of the Brickshelf galleries and Web sites I’ve found that feature LEGO creations by Japanese builders. I’ll update this list (and alphabetize it at some point) as I encounter more. If you have ideas for galleries or sites that should be listed here, feel free to drop me a line at Continue reading →

The Wonderful World of Japanese LEGO

From vignettes to mecha, many wonderful LEGO ideas have originated in Japan. Several of the most respected builders, such as Sugegasa, MOKO, and Takeshi Itou are Japanese. Although LEGO fans throughout the world can enjoy each other’s creations by looking at pictures, language remains a barrier. My purpose in creating this blog is to break Continue reading →

LEGO Despicable Me 4 75583 Minions and Gru’s Family Mansion [REVIEW]

Check out our full review of the Gru Family Mansion, including the entire Gru clan and 3 minions.