Gratuitously garish GARC

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a genuinely successful LEGO bandwagon — remember Cave Racers and IATTAR? — but it looks like GARC (which, as you may recall, is a thing) is taking off quite nicely.

One of my favorites so far is this garish beauty by Uspez Morbo that he calls the “Techno Ohmu” (Uspez gets additional points for the Miyazaki reference).

GARC Racer -- Techno Ohmu

For the uninitiated, “GARC” stands for Galactic Asteroid Rally Circuit, and each space-racer must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have 2 crew members per ship (pilot & navigator)
  • No weapons
  • Must look FAST :)
  • The crazier the colour scheme the better

In addition, the builder of the LEGO model must post a picture of the racer being swooshed. Why? Because SPACE! Duh.

No less garish but in somewhat more traditional colors, this GARC racer by Ted Andes sports a spoiler to keep the “Torranix Quattro 5” firmly pressed to the racecourse in the vacuum of space.

GARC Torranix Quattro 5

Finally, halfbeak gets in on the action with his “Ajax Xenojet-Z” in my favorite color.

GARC Ajax Xenojet-Z

Ouch! I’m off to rest my weary eyes…