Hikone Castle by Takeshi Itou

Takeshi Itou may not be the most prolific builder, but his creations are always worth the wait. His latest creation is Hikone Castle. Today, the castle is a National Treasure because it’s one of the rare castles from the feudal era that wasn’t torn down or destroyed and then rebuilt in modern times as a tourist attraction.

But enough about the real thing. What makes Takeshi’s version special is the technique he used for the base of the castle; the three-dimensional rock wall is amazing, built from bricks, slopes, and tiles. The scale of the castle seems pretty close to MINILAND (as compared to the smaller minifig scale Takeshi normally builds in), which has enabled Takeshi to use plates for the roof rather beautifully.

Read more about the real Hikone Castle on Wikipedia (in English) or the 400th anniversary site (in Japanese).

(Via Klocki.)

4 comments on “Hikone Castle by Takeshi Itou

  1. Fred

    Wow, the rest of his works are incredible as well. I wish he would get a little closer in on the details with his shots. Everything is from a distance. I suppose that’s how it’s intended to be seen

  2. Andrew

    Definitely, I really want to know how he did the roofs and the rocks. I wonder what else have I been missing in the Lego scene these past couple of years…

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