If you run.... you’ll just die tired.

The SM-80 Arctic Sniper Mech has you in his sights. Take a good look at Tyler‘s newest creation before it decides to pull the trigger.

6 comments on “If you run.... you’ll just die tired.

  1. Ty

    Pretty cool! Not yer normal Mech.
    You know, you got yer laser mechs, rocket mechs, machine gun mechs. Those sword mechs, but a sniper? Neat idea! I like the rubble/run rest! Nice MOC!

    How big’s the bullet though?

  2. Dunechaser

    I think what I like most about this creation is the way the rifle and the base both seem to point toward a common “vanishing point” outside the frame of the picture. Weird thing to notice, perhaps, but very cool.

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