It’s not like I applied for the job just for giggles – an interview with Jordan Schwartz

It goes without saying that Jordan Schwartz is a very talented builder for his age; even so, it may surprise you that he already landed an internship as a LEGO designer in Billund. Fresh out of high school, Jordan is heading to Denmark, early in 2011, to begin his work helping the company design new Continue reading →

Owl. By Jordan.

This is such an adorable little feathered guy, he was just begging to be posted. The combination of cuteness and presentation really does it for me. Well played, Jordan, well played.

Jordan explores the Future that never was

Jordan Schwartz takes us for ride in with this swoofty retro futuristic stretch limo.

Jordan takes flight

With this steampunk robot, by Jordan Schwartz, the sky is the limit!

Jordan lays an egg

This funky barnyard scene by Jordan Schwartz cracked me up. Interesting build, as we’ve come to expect from Jordan. I like that egg!

Jordan’s gone awhalin’

Jordan Schwartz has gone to sea in a beautifully constructed Dutch whaler. This incredible ship is possibly the best ship I’ve ever seen. Those are some gorgeous lines.

Jordan’s Hellboy is the ultimate custom LEGO minifig

With a modified head piece and sideburns from Arealight, decals from Jared “Kaminoan” Burks, and a megagun from the newly relaunched BrickForge, this Hellboy minifig by Jordan Schwartz brings together elements from several LEGO customizers to create the ultimate custom minifig: Here’s Red with the rest of the Hellboy crew:

Jordan journeys to the center of the Earth

Jordan “Sir Nadroj” Schwartz is sending several intrepid minifigs on a voyage of discovery through the crust, mantle, and what lies beneath. Check out their vehicle, the Mole: More in the Flickr photoset.

Never let them see that they get to you

A few weeks ago we featured a lovely, fully posable LEGO Judy Hopps from Zootopia by talented Russian builder Sheo. I was hoping he’d also build Nick Wilde and some of the other charming characters from the movie, and my wish has now been granted. Nick’s expression is excellent, and the subtle sculpting of Nick’s Continue reading →

The Horned King

Considering the fact that Disney has been producing great films for decades, it’s easy to forget some of their lesser praised work. The Black Cauldron was not a successful film, commercially or critically, but it does hold the distinction of including one of Disney’s scariest villains: the Horned King. Jordan Schwartz has revived the Horned Continue reading →

Nick Wilde, that crafty fox from Zootopia

OK, so Disney’s Zootopia isn’t out yet, but the trailer is hilarious and makes this movie a must-see for me. Jordan Schwartz, a fan of all things Disney, gone ahead and made a fantastic sculpt of Nick Wilde, one of the film’s new protagonists, and it looks spot on. The sly look Nick is giving us Continue reading →

Classy Cars for Classy Gents

This might be an older model, but this adorable early design from Jordan Schwartz just has to be shared. The car’s got such an elegant design, with those lovely lines and most excellent grill. And should you be interested, Jordan’s also got some delightful older vehicles for you to enjoy. Or in which to avoid Continue reading →