Jordan’s Hellboy is the ultimate custom LEGO minifig

With a modified head piece and sideburns from Arealight, decals from Jared “Kaminoan” Burks, and a megagun from the newly relaunched BrickForge, this Hellboy minifig by Jordan Schwartz brings together elements from several LEGO customizers to create the ultimate custom minifig:

Here’s Red with the rest of the Hellboy crew:

16 comments on “Jordan’s Hellboy is the ultimate custom LEGO minifig

  1. strider_mt2k

    What great work!

    I just bookmarked this site and hope to have something to contribute soon…just as soon as I figure out how to do that. ;)

  2. Andrew Post author

    @strider_mt2k: Hey, I recognize your name from Giz. Welcome! We troll all the internets for LEGO stuff, so just post your pics to someplace like Flickr, tag them appropriately (or add them to the LEGO group pool), and we’ll seem ’em. :-)

    @hankd: As the post implies through repeated use of the word “custom,” these aren’t official LEGO products, and therefore not for sale. ;-)

  3. J. R. Schwartz

    Thanks for the blog!

    @hankd: I’ll sell em’ to ya…. for $1,000,000 USD each. =-P

  4. J. R. Schwartz

    That’s because they’re Kam’s decals. ;-)

    Actually, Arealight was the original one to use his Twi’lek head, then he sculpted the hair, and the rest is history. ;-)

  5. Zepher

    Nice group work. It shows you what a bunch of awesome costumizers can do. @strider_mt2k, it’s hard to get on this site. Trust me :)

  6. strider_mt2k

    Thanks for the advice folks.

    I added some pics of one project to the Flikr LEGO group, and I have another in mind as well, but it’s going to take some time.

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