M274 Mongoose ATV from Halo by Vidgamer838

The flood of LEGO Halo creations is so overwhelming that I can make that pun without ever having played the game. Still, this Mongoose ATV and custom UNSC Marine by Vidgamer838 seemed too good to pass up:

Here’s the marine (custom torso decal, painted Rock Raiders helmet, and modified Ninjas armor for shoulder pauldrons) without the ATV, together with a bonus Jayne Cobb from Firefly and Serenity:

3 comments on “M274 Mongoose ATV from Halo by Vidgamer838

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  2. silvertehrandom

    any instuctions?
    or does anyone know how to get the armour for the marine w/o buying a set that lego doesn’t sell anymore on e-bay?

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