Jordan explores the Future that never was

Jordan Schwartz takes us for ride in with this swoofty retro futuristic stretch limo.

LEGO Retro The Future that wasn't

6 comments on “Jordan explores the Future that never was

  1. swoofty

    Very swank build. Reminds me of the ‘5th Element’. Hey Josh, since when is swoofty an adjective? Sounds good to me!

  2. Will Will

    Wow, I haven’t logged in to comment in ages, but felt compelled to because of how sexy this is. This is totally display worthy!

  3. Josh Post author

    @swoofty – Its an adjective ever since yesterday when I thought it was a good mashup of swift and swooshy. :) Glad you like it, but I think you might be just a little biased for some odd reason. ;)

  4. Brickapolis

    This is just SUCH a great build. Jordan is SO creative. I can’t believe all the techniques that he used. This beauty is just great. I really think it’s SO cool. And I LOVE the chrome grills. SO awesome.

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