New York, New-ew Yoooork

Jonathan Lopes LEGO New York

I suspect most of us with an interest in town layouts eagerly await Jonathan Lopes’ latest updates. It’s been a very long wait since his last one which seems to be because of a major redesign. While Jonathan’s LEGO buildings and cars may not always be perfect (whose are?) are very good what sets his layout aside is his attention to all the gritty details you see in a real city. There’s no shiny plastic perfection here, just the dust, decay and dirt of a real city. Check it out and check it out closely.

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4 comments on “New York, New-ew Yoooork

  1. Marc Nelson Jr.

    Thanks for posting this, Tim. You’re right, I have been waiting to see more of Mr. Lopes’ work. Great stuff!

  2. Tananavalley

    This is really a fun and detailed cityscape. The elevated train is my favorite section.

    @Gambort: Was the line “While Jonathan’s LEGO buildings and cars may not always be perfect (whose are?)” really necessary? If you are not refering to some standard of detailing maybe that is seen in other builders, it seems to be a apology for posting this creation. There have been much less detailed creations featured on TBB without the caveat “may not be perfect”. -end of line

  3. gambort Post author

    In no way was that comment intended as a justification for blogging or a criticism of Jonathan’s work (I think he knows I’m his number 1 fanboy). I was merely highlighting the fact that what really sets his work apart is his attention to thewhole layout rather than just the details. I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear.

    As to general policy I think that I tend to be more critical of craftmanship than most of the other bloggers here. It’s one of the reasons I don’t post as much. So my blog entries should be compared only with each other. Although both Jonathan’s buildings and cars would make the cut regardless.

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