Jerac zooms back to the ’50s

According to Jerac, the steering wheel turns the wheels of his 1950s racer, and the Technic fig has plenty of leg room. I love the silver spokes on the wheels.

Jerac’s gas miner

Jarek (aka Jerac) presents another impressive addition to his fleet of microscale spaceships. This one’s a second version of his original Behemoth gas miner, now called the Behemoth II. According to the builder, the ship “features hangar, detacheable containers and… detacheable details if held incorrectly :>”

Black Mechos by Jerac

This creature, dubbed Black Mechos, is just creepy. Kudos to you Jerac! Excellent work.

Quatrodraco by Jerac

It looks a little like an X-wing crossed with an obelisk, but Jerac‘s latest steampunk flyer is pretty nifty.

Mech-killing with Jerac

First of, sorry everyone (readers, Andrew, Josh, Nathan, mother, santa) for not bringing you space the past week and a half or so. Real life is getting in the way, with one switch of apartment just done and the second one coming up in two weeks. Until I’m all settled down I might have to Continue reading →

Corviwurm by Jerac

Brickshelfer and Classic-Spacer Jerac posted something so cool I can’t help posting it. (Sorry Linus!) Jerac calls it a “Corviwurm,” but it looks very much like a Zerg Mutalisk (which he acknowledges in his CSF post): Add to | Digg It | Furl It Technorati tags: LEGO Space Video Games StarCraft Zerg Jerac Brickshelf

Heavy Swiss Freighter Titan by Jerac

Classic-Spacer Jerac (who, it turns out, isn’t Swiss after all) has posted another awesome entry in his fleet of micro-scale Swiss-themed space ships, the Titan freighter (click for gallery): The awesome bridge: A smaller container that slides in and out of the freighter (labeled “7”), which clamps onto the bigger, black container shown in the Continue reading →

Grigorij Rasputin Medical Frigate by Jerac

I’m really enjoying the recent surge in micro-scale building (mainly in the Space community, though SEALUG member Justin Major showed off a really awesome modular city at this month’s meeting — should’ve taken pictures). Classic-Spacer Jerac (Jerrec on Brickshelf) posted a micro medical frigate titled Grigorij Rasputin earlier this morning: Here’s the Rasputin assisting another Continue reading →

Watch(band) me shoot this bazooka!

JakTheMad has found a clever use for the new DOTS watchbands and accessories and we’re smitten.

New LEGO Star Wars 501st Legion Clone Troopers Battle Pack to hit stores August 2020 [News]

Here is the first look at the new LEGO Star Wars 501st Legion Clone Troopers Battle Pack which will be available this August.

Leaving LEGO Masters: An interview with the seventh team to leave [Feature]

We sat down with the team of LEGO Masters contestants eliminated last week during the Good vs. Evil challenge.

Thatch the way, a-ha a-ha, I like it

Take a trip to a corner of Middle Earth in Mountain Hobbit and Cole Blood’s LEGO version of Beorn’s cottage