Busting out the Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy builds

Tyler (The Deathly Halliwell) has long been one of my favorite builders of all things Del Toro. He’s probably the only builder that can take the fantastic creatures from Del Toro and sculpt them so beautifully…I regretted not blogging his Faun earlier this year, but thankfully he’s added the Pale Man to his growing collection: Continue reading →

Hellboy II – Golden Army Robot

Robert H. (Robiwan_Kenobi) has built the Golden Army robot from the Hellboy II film. The combination of gold and translucent red parts make this one stunning machine to look at. He says that this has been a work in progress for a year and a half. I am so very glad that he finished it, Continue reading →

Johnny Tang’s LEGO Hellboy has abs of plastic

Johnny Tang (johnnytang) is at it again with amazing sculptures. His latest is Hellboy: At this scale, Johnny can pack in lots of important details (like the two studs on Hellboy’s pecs), but it takes some serious skill to get it all to fit together so well. Check out the full LEGO Hellboy gallery on Continue reading →

Mister Zumbi + Hellboy = Wicked Awesome

We love Adam Grabowski‘s vehicles, minifigs, and, oh, pretty much everything he does, but this Hellboy sculpture is an interesting departure. I suspect Mike Mignola would be proud. Via Klocki. And don’t miss Jordan’s custom minifig from last year.

Jordan’s Hellboy is the ultimate custom LEGO minifig

With a modified head piece and sideburns from Arealight, decals from Jared “Kaminoan” Burks, and a megagun from the newly relaunched BrickForge, this Hellboy minifig by Jordan Schwartz brings together elements from several LEGO customizers to create the ultimate custom minifig: Here’s Red with the rest of the Hellboy crew:

Andy Grubb and Ioana Popescu talk about the LEGO 10292 Friends: The Apartments [News]

LEGO 10292 Friends The Apartments Designer Video reveals the time and effort on getting the details just right.

LEGO City latest subtheme Stuntz adds pull-back feature to LEGO bikes [News]

A new LEGO CITY subtheme is revealed with a pullback play function for the bikes

“You must realise, you are doomed.”

This General Grievous head sculpt by Marcin Otreba (@martinlegodesign) shows some stunning details.

LEGO Ideas 21327 Typewriter now available for purchase for VIP members [News]

The LEGO Ideas typewriter is now available for purchase by VIP Members. Membership is free, so sign up now if you’ve not done so.

LEGO reveals the 3rd Series of Super Mario Character Packs [News]

10 more character packs for the Super Mario theme to add to your collection.

Every dinosaur is awesome!

Kristel (@kristelwhitaker) has created a rainbow of raptors (velociraptors, that is) in this colorful homage to the new Everyone is Awesome set.

Adidas Originals LEGO Superstar Sneaker to accompany LEGO 10282 Adidas Originals Superstar [News]

adidas Originals LEGO Superstar Sneaker announced alongside the brickbuilt version. What do you think? Which do you prefer?