Busting out the Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy builds

Tyler (The Deathly Halliwell) has long been one of my favorite builders of all things Del Toro. He’s probably the only builder that can take the fantastic creatures from Del Toro and sculpt them so beautifully…I regretted not blogging his Faun earlier this year, but thankfully he’s added the Pale Man to his growing collection:

Together Forever

And if that wasn’t enough, Tyler also did another Del Toro movie icon Hellboy:

Hellboy (2)


Bravo Tyler!

3 comments on “Busting out the Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy builds

  1. Simon Post author

    ^Wow! That’s IS a fantastic Hellboy bust – and such a tiny size too!

    heh, yeah I’m a big enough geek that I knew that Del Toro didn’t create the character and just did the movie, it was a convenient segue/excuse to blog the Hellboy as well since it’ was really cool. I do apologize for my creative license.

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