TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for May 20, 2018 [News]

This was the biggest week of LEGO news of the past several months, with hands-on coverage from LEGO’s Fall Preview event in New York City as well as numerous product announcements — with more yet to come! This is our weekly Brick Report for the third week of May 2018.

TBB FEATURES & REVIEWS: In case you missed it among all the news coverage this week, we have a hands-on review of the latest LEGO Ninjago Movie set.

  • Review of 70657 Ninjago City Docks – A new dock scene joins one of our favorite LEGO sets of 2017. Read our review to see how it stacks up against 70620 Ninjago City.
  • Bre’s Classic Space pinball machine – If you’re into LEGO (and you probably are if you’re reading this), by now one of your friends or relatives has probably shared a link to one of the many articles about this working LEGO pinball machine on your Facebook timeline. In case you missed it here on TBB last week, here’s our original coverage of TBB contributor Bre Burns’ amazing Technic creation.
  • 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon back in stock – The largest LEGO set of all time is back in stock, and you can help support TBB’s coverage of events in places like New York and Billund by clicking through from TBB when purchasing your LEGO!

TBB COVERAGE FROM LEGO’S FALL PREVIEW EVENT IN NYC: LEGO’s selection of sets unveiled at Toy Fair 2018 back in February was more limited than in years past, but LEGO invited TBB to a special Fall Preview event. Don’t miss all the new products we were able to play with!

TBB LEGO SET ANNOUNCEMENT NEWS: Ahead of the event in New York, LEGO shared even more details with TBB about upcoming sets scheduled for release this summer and fall.

OTHER LEGO NEWS: The summer and fall LEGO set announcements weren’t the only bits of LEGO news that happened this week. Here’s a quick look at the best of the rest.

Royal Wedding BrickHeadz

  • Royal Wedding BrickHeadz from LEGO, LEGO social media – The LEGO Group celebrated yesterday’s Royal Wedding with BrickHeadz characters of the bride, groom, and some in-laws, plus a trio of adorable LEGO toddlers.
  • LEGO media days in Billund, Denmark – LEGO has invited TBB to another media event next week, this time at their headquarters in Billund, Denmark. LEGO has teased the unveiling of the next LEGO Technic supercar, a Bugatti. We’ll be on hand at the press conference on June 1st, so check back here on Brothers-Brick.com for coverage next week!