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Friday Night Fights (Round 7)

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another eye-gouging edition of Friday Night Fights! Tonight’s bout is all about a veteran’s quest for redemption and newcomer who doesn’t mind getting dirty. Let’s go to the tale of the tape:

Fighting out of the red corner…with a FNF record of zero wins and one loss…from the Badger State…Brian (mondayn00dle) Kescenovitz and his “Salvage Bot.”

Salvage Bot

And fighting out of the blue corner…from parts unknown…Hugebricks and his “Drossel”.


As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor by way of comment. On the last edition of Friday Night Fights, Pate-keetongu won a decisive 4-1 victory over his hapless opponent.

Col. Strong Vincent marches to Gettysburg

Okay, just one more — I couldn’t pass up the beautiful landscaping in this scene by Gary the Procrastinator, who managed to finish his diorama well in advance of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Gary has depicted Col. Strong Vincent leading the 3rd Brigade, 1st Division of the V Corps of the Army of the Potomac in an overnight march to the decisive battle that would place the Union Army on the road to victory. Strong was mortally wounded defending Little Round Top during the battle.

March to Glory - Col Vincent and the 3rd Brigade

Gary built this as part of a collaborative display for BrickFair Virginia this summer.

Tiny tank chaser

Before I hand things over to Keith for the weekend, I think I owe our readers a somewhat more adorable chaser to follow all the super-serious discussions about LEGO and the military this week. This “MK45-Toad” is brought to you by Pate-keetongu.


The use of binoculars for the tank treads is brilliant, and even the minifig includes some interesting part combinations, like the modern/space visor on the LEGO Castle helmet.

R-Types: Saving the best for last.

With nearly 70 entries in the R-Type & Beyond Build Challenge I think it is a safe bet that the month was a huge success. There was a brilliant diversity of designs and scales, yet all entries were totally reminiscent of the R-Type style. However, it appears that a few builders were saving some lovely surprises for the last day…

Curtis Collins builds, in my opinion, the most ‘classic’ looking model of the month, and his spray painted canopy and use of a toy ball commandeered from his son for the Force Pod are just the sort of creative twists we love to see in the Starfighters group.

R-99A Teardrop

Stefan Schindler is no stranger to starfighters with beautiful angles, but his R-Type Ampulex definitely wins this month for coolest colour scheme.

R-Type Ampulex

Simone also builds a classic looking R-Type with wonderful lines, but this time in midi-scale.


So thanks to all who participated, it was very great to see such great quality builds throughout the entire month. Keep an eye out at the flickr group for future monthly build challenges.

Hunkering down atop Amon Sûl

Jonas (Legopard), this month’s cover photo artist on our Facebook page, has just posted a beautiful rendition of Weathertop from The Lord of the Rings. Jonas says he wanted to “improve my skills in Rock-Building and also try my hands on a bigger ruin.” I’d say he succeeded rather nicely.

Weathertop - Amon Sûl

The campsite looks a little underpopulated in the main photo above, but there’s action aplenty on the summit as Strider battles the Ringwraiths.

Weathertop - Amon Sûl

See more photos on MOCPages.

4-wide 4×4

Raphael Granas (Raphy) is no stranger to building 4-wide LEGO cars. His little builds always give me the urge to zoom something around my desk. If I don’t have any toy cars on hand, I am not opposed to zooming a stapler or a calculator instead. His latest creation not only makes me want to zoom my stapler around vigorously, but it also makes me want to build an off-road track out of the various stationary laying around as well.



Mutated Cyborg Piranha? YES PLEASE!

Kingmarshy says that his Mechua was betrayed by his brother in battle, cursing him. His flesh now being consumed, transforming him into a living machine. All I have to say is that I would NOT want to be his brother, because Mechua is apparently wandering the oceans looking for vengeance.

Watch your back Mr. Mechua’s brother!

An Orchid for Love and Beauty

I’m sure you’ve seen them in stores everywhere, too–the delicate orchids in an array of colors, waiting for you to take them home.

I’ve honestly been tempted, but this one might just fit right in with my decor! Tim Inman has built a lovely purple orchid, which is perfect for anyone. No need for water, and keep it away from the sun!

This Truck Will Deliver Your Brick With Class

Carl Merriam brings us this beauty from back when trucks were still only for farms and businesses. We’ve featured countless antique vehicles here on blog, but clever people like Carl are always innovating new and interesting ways to build them, and for all its simplicity, this is one of the nicer ones I’ve seen.

LEGO Old Truck

15,000 Piece 1:1 LEGO Terminator T-800

Standing at 186cm (6’1″) and weighing 15kg (33 lbs.) Martin Latta’s (thire5) life sized LEGO model of the T-800 from the Terminator films is a sight to see. In particular with Martin standing beside it for a sense of scale.

Terminator T-800 life size sculpture

Those lucky enough to be in the area, this model has been created for an exhibit in Lipno Point, Czech Republic.

Martin says that he will have further photos up shortly, but in the meantime you can check out some of the development and work-in-progress photos here