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LEGO sorting machine built from LEGO

The BrickIt team in Denmark has built a robotic system to sort LEGO bricks. The “Dynaway Sorting Plant” uses 28 Mindstorms NXT motors, 7 processors, 4 color sensors, and 14 touch sensors, and took over 250 hours of programming time plus 800 hours to build. The result is an amazing system that separates 2×4 and 1×2 bricks by both shape and color and then moves the pallets full of sorted bricks.

Read more about the sorting machine on

Cole Blaq’s Qmega heavy assault space copta may be ... a trap!

Back in 2004, a certain fast food maker partnered with LEGO for the toys in their children’s meals. The result was some pretty awful LEGO pieces. However, Cole Blaq incorporates the Happy Meal skateboard into this orange beauty of a gunship, complete with a squiddy pilot.


Cole also posted this variation — more squat, and still somehow more brutish, despite the lack of a massive chin gun.


LEGO on National Geographic Channel’s Ultimate Factories – Sat, Jan 21

Between sick days and snow days, I’ve been stuck at home for nearly two weeks. Great for building, but cabin fever is setting in. The National Geographic Channel has been on pretty much constantly, so I was happy when NatGeo TV sent us a message to say that the LEGO factory in Billund will be featured on this Saturday’s episode of “Ultimate Factories”.

LEGO teddy bear molds

Here’s what they say:

Our cameras go on a fun and fascinating adventure in the world inside the Lego factory in Billund, Denmark.  We’ll see what it takes for Lego’s crackerjack team of international designers to update the Legoland police station.  Every single block of the new play set has to be designed with almost superhuman precision because every block produced has to fit seamlessly into the set it comes with, as well as every single Lego block ever made since 1958. We’ll see the new police station evolve through design and development, molding, painting and decorating, packaging and distribution.

And here’s a clip:

The show airs this Saturday, January 21, at 8:00 PM. Can’t wait!

The Hobbit in LEGO by Blake Baer

Blake Baer has continued to build LEGO models inspired by the world of J.R.R. Tolkien, most recently featuring a series from The Hobbit. Here are a few we missed over the busy holiday season.

Bilbo and the dwarves escape aboard and within barrels in “Barrels out of Bond”.

Barrels out of Bond

Bilbo encounters the dragon Smaug for the first time in “Inside Information”.

Inside Information

The men of Lake Town defend their wooden buildings against Smaug in “Fire and Water”.

Fire and Water

Death Cab for Cutie album covers in LEGO

Death Cab for Cutie are one of my favorite bands, and I’ve enjoyed seeing them live (including opening for the Seattle Mariners a couple year ago).

L D M has recently been posting DCFC album art recreated in LEGO. His rendition of Narrow Stairs is pixel-perfect.

Death Cab For Cutie – Narrow Stairs

Though it’s a less-sophisticated LEGO build, I also like his version of Transatlanticism — the album that secured DCFC as my favorite band at the time.

Death Cab for Cutie – Transatlanticism

Though we missed it when he posted it back in September, Plans incorporates some interesting textures — can you spot the crab?

Death Cab for Cutie – Plans