LEGO on National Geographic Channel’s Ultimate Factories – Sat, Jan 21

Between sick days and snow days, I’ve been stuck at home for nearly two weeks. Great for building, but cabin fever is setting in. The National Geographic Channel has been on pretty much constantly, so I was happy when NatGeo TV sent us a message to say that the LEGO factory in Billund will be featured on this Saturday’s episode of “Ultimate Factories”.

LEGO teddy bear molds

Here’s what they say:

Our cameras go on a fun and fascinating adventure in the world inside the Lego factory in Billund, Denmark.  We’ll see what it takes for Lego’s crackerjack team of international designers to update the Legoland police station.  Every single block of the new play set has to be designed with almost superhuman precision because every block produced has to fit seamlessly into the set it comes with, as well as every single Lego block ever made since 1958. We’ll see the new police station evolve through design and development, molding, painting and decorating, packaging and distribution.

And here’s a clip:

The show airs this Saturday, January 21, at 8:00 PM. Can’t wait!

8 comments on “LEGO on National Geographic Channel’s Ultimate Factories – Sat, Jan 21

  1. joelkun

    I don’t have National Geographic Channel and would never have known about this program. Thanks for the heads up and the link!

  2. matija

    Yes, been on Nat Geo in Europe (Croatia) about a year ago. But it is called here Megafactories, not Ultimate Factories – why change that? Very good show, apart from LEGO, they had all kinds of interesting stuff – from Coca Cola, Ferrari, Jack Daniels, etc.

  3. kayakermanmike

    Thanks for pointing it out! I had missed it too. I just set it to record and made reference of the youtube links in the event that our little snow storm takes out power.

  4. Hvc

    While it is dated, I missed it the first time and it’s interesting to see the factory. Also thought it was slightly humorous about the small segment on Lego Universe.

  5. 4estFeller

    Missed the original showing, fortunately caught a rerun today. It was great! Some really interesting stats and facts. My favorite was the one about 50% of legos annual sales being in the 6 weeks before Christmas. O.O Thanks for the heads up!

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