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The Colossal Castle Contest has begun [News]

LEGO Castle Contest

Now in its seventh year, the massive multi-category contest, run annually by Classic-Castle has gone live.

Categories include Technological Advances, Alternate Sets, Medieval Mariner, Outlaw Escape, Eastern Medieval Life, Religous Life, Knight’s Training, Custom Castle Figure, Brick Castles, Fantasy Castles and Misc. The prizes are quite impressive, including vintage Castle sets, new sets, older MISB set, custom accessories and more. So get out there and get medieval!

Escape from Planet Monday

Sebastiaan Arts was listening to that album while he built he latest creation, so he named it appropriately. I love the two-tiered effect that he has going on here and its packed with the detail that we’ve come to expect from Sebastiaan. Check out all his pics and escape from your Monday (or Saturday…or whatever day it is on the planet you are on). I wanted to escape once….

LEGO Planet Monday City

Mini Me?

Working in a theme requires walking a fine line. Repetition of forms and thematic elements is necessary to tie all the creations together, but it’s easy to go overboard and be duplicative. I’m not sure whether I found the right balance with my new tank or not. You can see it below with its big brother.

Unmanned Urban Combat Scout Tank - U.C.U.S.T.

When I started building this little thing, I intended it to be a comically tiny scout tank, like this. As I worked on it, though, it became clear that this would be too small that it would be too absurd even for this theme. I changed the tank to a remote tank, and that seems to work OK, even if it is a cop-out.

It’s got style, you know what I’m saying?

Bley Walker IV, by Alex Thyroid, has a great aesthetic. This isn’t the sort of shape you see every day for mecha. It doesn’t use a lot of flashy techniques, and there are a few rough transitions mixed in, but none of that matters. It’s just so different, and cool looking. I especially like the shape of the head, great use of technic pieces.

Alex Thyroid's Bley Walker IV

If you check out some of the other photos, you’ll see that the back opens. Don’t we all love play features?

Jacked up gorilla ride

I’ve been having nostalgic interest in old and short-lived themes, so it was nice to see this this Islander chief on his gorilla steed. I especially like how Ed captures the beefiness of the arms and the curve of the knuckles on the gorilla.

Ed Bricks King Kahuka

Sorry for the image quality, it’s to do with my linking, not with the quality of Ed’s original picture.

Edit (JW): The image link has been fixed.