Mini Me?

Working in a theme requires walking a fine line. Repetition of forms and thematic elements is necessary to tie all the creations together, but it’s easy to go overboard and be duplicative. I’m not sure whether I found the right balance with my new tank or not. You can see it below with its big brother.

Unmanned Urban Combat Scout Tank - U.C.U.S.T.

When I started building this little thing, I intended it to be a comically tiny scout tank, like this. As I worked on it, though, it became clear that this would be too small that it would be too absurd even for this theme. I changed the tank to a remote tank, and that seems to work OK, even if it is a cop-out.

1 comment on “Mini Me?

  1. Creative Anarchy

    Chibi tank is awesome. Great lines and details. It just looks little too adorable for a machine of death, which is fine by me.

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