At the foothills of the mountains

Chris Wunz‘s Border Outpost is a marvel in landscaping. I really like the intricately carved paths on the mountains and the integration of the two lakes joined by a cascading ravine. The setup also features a working waterwheel and millstone, a cool addition that tops off this wonderful creation.

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  1. ILikePi

    “Chis” Wunz? ;)

    I just saw this on Flickr, and it looks amazing! The mountain looks superb with the pool of water and the waterfall.

    The only thing that could make it better is more detailing on the lake below.

  2. Thanel

    I woke up 10 minutes ago and thought, “I sure hope nobody else got to blogging the Border Outpost before me.” Well, I shouldn’t have put it off. Good eye, Nannan. I’ll say here what I was going to say about it. This creation isn’t just interesting, inspiring or impressive. It makes me want to build things like this for years and years. It shows the possibilities of expanding and exploring the variety that can be found in a theme. It makes a newly enlightened LEGO fan like me want to settle on a theme, this theme, myself. Where is the cool-aid (or mead or whatever) and when can I drink it?

  3. wunztwice

    I’m pretty speechless. Imagine waking up in the morning, heading over to my favorite LEGO blog and finding my (or at least I thought) so-so MOC blogged all over, with comments like Thanel’s… [I have the feeling there will be a lot of ellipses for me today… ; ) ]
    And THEN I head over to my Flickr…and almost faint.

    Thank you for the more-than-kind words everyone! The response is overwhelming, so you’ll have to excuse my apparent lack of cohesion.

    Thanel, thank you! That mead-aid you speak of? Well, I’m pretty sure it’s called a long, slow, frustrating, LEGO-table-hogging, result of some crazy idea I had. I am sometimes saddened over the (sometimes) lack of landscaping in a LEGO MOC of any sort, but mostly castle. Castle is the theme, the landscape is the setting. Think Westerns. Where would Western film be without the landscape? That was my process, more or less, in building this.

    Thank you for looking and letting me ramble. (Now go build y’all!)

  4. Bunbrick

    First reaction upon hitting this post was “Oh wow. :-o”

    I have to admit i’m not too dazzled by the fort, but i feel okay about letting you know that inbetween all the praise, since i read in your Flickr description that you were kinda soso about that part yourself too.

    Your landscaping however, i love love LOVE.

    My only beef is it seems a bit… disproportionate, with this combination: THIS landscaping next to THIS castle. Now it’s like there’s too much relief and detailing going on, for what is essentially little more than a HILL (mountain seems far too big a description anyway when its got minifigscale built on top of it); which is a damn shame, because the landscape itself looks so damn good.

    However, I think a MICROscale castle (or a town, perhaps ala an alpine village?!) would look and work exceptionally well combined with this otherwise great setting. (though of course with some minor adaptations, such as to the width of that path)

    Overall still VERY impressed though.

  5. wunztwice

    You have hit on the biggest reason why I’m not entirely satisfied with this. I had hoped to make more of a small section of mountain, rather than a whole thing. To include it in the display at BrickCon a year ago, however, I had to pull the edges down. I was thinking more alpine than this appears, as if this is just a flat area on the side of a mountain, just at snowline.

    Thank you for your comments!

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