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PC World’s list of 9 LEGO games you’ll never see

Following the official announcement of the rumored LEGO Rock Band, Darren Gladstone over at PC World has written a hilarious list of the 9 LEGO Games You’ll Never See.

LEGO Left 4 Dead

  • World of Legocraft
  • Halo 3: LEGO
  • LEGO NFL: 2011
  • Grand Theft LEGO: Brick City
  • LEGO Gear Solid: Bricks of the Patriots
  • LEGO Fallout
  • LEGO StarCraft
  • Resident LEGO/Left 4 LEGO
  • Mortal Kombat vs. LEGO Universe

Read Darren’s “pitch” for each game on

If you’d asked me six months ago, I couldn’t have imagined a LEGO Rock Band. With that in mind, I’m rooting for LEGO StarCraft.

Prettier than a panda

Cheyne Potter (AfroEngineer) posted this cute little plane based on concept art in the concept art gallery.

LEGO scout plane

The minifig has hair from one of the upcoming Town sets, so it looks like those sets should be more widely available soon!

While we’re at it, check out Cheyne’s ingenious use of blue chairs as water in this scene:

LEGO bird of prey

It’s a Bad Day for Micropolis on [w00t!]

In more contest news, Reasonably Clever and TwinLUG are hosting the Bad Day for Micropolis contest.

LEGO Micropolis block

As this gorgeous school (with adorably itty-bitty school buses) built by judge Max Braun illustrates, the TwinLUG Micro City Standard is fairly simple — to fit into collaborative displays — while still enabling individual builders to do some pretty cool things.

There are four categories in the contest, and you can win a cartload of prizes. The contest ends at 2:22 AM EST on May 4, 2009, so get building!

LEGO Builders of Tomorrow contest on WIRED GeekDad [w00t!]

Many of you out there first became an adult fan of LEGO when you bought LEGO for your kids (while some of us just never stopped).

LEGO Builders of Tomorrow setFor LEGO fans like you, the GeekDad blog from is currently running the perfect contest — the LEGO Builders of Tomorrow contest.

To enter, just add a photo of you and your kids building together to the GeekDad photo pool on Flickr. The contest ends next Thursday, April 30.

There’s LEGO to be won, of course, but the winning family also gets their picture featured on an upcoming LEGO set. In LEGO fandom, that’s pretty close to immortality.

VignetteBricks, Microbricks, MinilandBricks recruiting co-bloggers

Bruce NH sigfigWhether it’s in my list of 10 favorite LEGO blogs or as examples of the best LEGO blogs, Bruce H. operates several of the most influential and long-running LEGO blogs on the Web.

With VignetteBricks, MicroBricks, MinilandBricks, and now GodBricks, Bruce is looking for a little help from his fellow LEGO fans.

If you think you have what it takes to contribute to one of these blogs, head on over to Bruce’s call for co-bloggers to find out more.

EH-191 Whirlwind military chopper by Aleksander Stein

A LEGO military model you probably can’t buy is this dark green beauty by Aleksander Stein.

EH-191 Whirlwind helicopter

The helicopter can seat ten minifigs (2 crew, 8 troops) and has internal lighting. I find the unique shape of the blades particularly noteworthy.

See more in Aleksander’s EH-191 Whirlwind photoset on Flickr. (Hat-tip to reader Kaupuan.)

BrickMania releases custom Panzer IV Ausf. G. LEGO tank kit [News]

LEGO Blacksmith ShopThe most frequent question we get from LEGO builders is How do I get blogged? But for all of you out there who read The Brothers Brick to see what we builders do, one of your most common questions is “Where can I buy that?” The answer is usually “You can’t.”

Daniel Siskind of BrickMania was one of the first LEGO fans to create and sell custom LEGO sets of his own design, way back in 1999 or 2000. After a five-year hiatus, Dan recently began producing new custom kits.

The Panzer IV Ausf. G. tank kit from World War II comes in Afrikakorps tan, with a unique BrickArms prototype MG42 machine gun.

LEGO Panzer tank

Dan’s Panzer tank kit includes 690 pieces and sells for $99.95 with instructions on CD.

LEGO Star Wars 2009 7753 Pirate Tank and 7778 Midi-scale Millenium Falcon revealed on [News]

Apparently, is getting all the exclusive details about the upcoming 2009 LEGO Star Wars sets. I didn’t notice when I blogged 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, but the site also has articles about 7753 Pirate Tank and 7778 Midi-scale Millenium Falcon.

From the Clone Wars animated TV series, 7753 Pirate Tank could be at home in the 2009 LEGO Space Police theme.

LEGO Star Wars 7753 Pirate Tank

The pirate figs (Hondo Ohnaka and Turk Falso, apparently) look unlike any other LEGO Star Wars minifigs I’ve ever seen.

LEGO Star Wars 7753 Pirate Tank minifigs

7753 Midi-scale Millenium Falcon is the third fourth scale in which the Millenium Falcon has been released, following 7190 and 4504 at minifig-scale, 4488 at mini-scale, and 10179 at UCS scale.

LEGO Star Wars 7778 Midi-scale Millenium Falcon box art

Read the interviews with Jens Kronvold Frederiksen in the articles about the Falcon and tank on