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LEGO Batman: The Video Game now available [News]

LEGO Batman: The Video Game was released this past Tuesday. I’d hoped to play the game and write a review, as I did for LEGO Indiana Jones: The Video Game, but I won’t have time to do that for a couple weeks.

McDonald’s has of course had Happy Meal toys inspired by the game available for a while (very funny photo by FiddybobiddyFiddy):

William Eng has a bunch of pictures from the LEGO Batman launch party, including this cake by Elisa Strauss:

Mariann Asanuma contributed this mosaic to the launch event:

LEGO Batman: The Video Game is available on the following platforms:

New BrickArms Zombie Defense Weapons Pack at BrickCon 2008 [News]

BrickCon 2008 begins this Thursday! When I announced prizes and giveaways for the Zombie Apocafest, I realized we needed a good way to repel the zombie menace.

What better way to fend of that flesh-eating horde than with a special set of weapons designed for just that purpose from BrickArms?

In addition to the other prizes and giveaways, BrickArms and The Brothers Brick will be handing out new Zombie Defense Weapons Packs to everyone who contributes a building or vehicle to the Zombie Apocafest display. That’s right: BrickArms for free!

The weapons pack is full of the tools of the zombie-hunting trade:

  • SW500 Magnum Revolver (for stopping power; x2)
  • M21 Sniper Rifle (for keeping your distance)
  • Mk48 Mod 0 Machine Gun
  • AK Assault Rifle (doesn’t jam as easily as the M4/M16)
  • Uzi Submachine Gun (x2)
  • Bipod (x2) and Monopod (x3)
  • Combat Shotgun (brand-new prototype)
  • M1 Garand Rifle (in black)
  • M1 1911 .45 Pistol (backup weapon #1)
  • Baseball Bat (backup weapon #2)
  • Glow-in-the-dark Zombie Head

If you don’t have time to build something for the display, you’ll be able to buy your very own Zombie Defense Weapons Pack at the BrickArms table. And if you can’t make it in person, BrickArms will be making these available through the re-launched

Well, I’m off to finish up my final building for the display and begin creating the horde itself… :D

How to buy your 7979 Castle Advent Calendar [News]

FINAL UPDATE: As of October 20, 7979 Castle Advent Calendar was no longer available from LEGO Shop @ Home.

UPDATE (1:30 PM PDT, 9/27/08): I just got off the phone with LEGO Shop @ Home, and they said that there are still some left, so if you couldn’t call or weren’t able to get through yesterday, you should still be able to order today.

As we promised yesterday, here’s how US and Canadian fans can get their hands on the coveted 7979 Castle Advent Calendar set:

  1. Call LEGO Shop@Home at 1-800-453-4652 (English) or 1-877-518-5346 (French) 1-800-835-4386.
  2. Give them the code JesterUS (for the US) or JesterCA for Canada.
  3. Order no more than 2 copies of 7979 Castle Advent Calendar, and nothing else! (This will keep the lines free for others trying to order. You can always add other sets to your order later, before it ships.)


  • US: $29.99 USD per set, plus shipping.
  • Canada: $39.99 CAD per set, plus shipping.

“Endurance” microscale carrier

I will try to steer away from the drama and hype about the Castle Advent Calendar in an attempt to distract the viewers so I can get a better shot at securing my two copies. Ok, I admit it’s not working.

Meanwhile, Soren Roberts‘ Endurance Fleet Carrier is a very noteworthy microscale creation, one of the better ones to hit the public in several months. It is interesting to note that the name of the ship “Endurance” fits well with the fact that this creation has been lingering around as a work in progress model since January 2007, but it mattered more that Soren finished the race.