LEGO Batman: The Video Game now available [News]

LEGO Batman: The Video Game was released this past Tuesday. I’d hoped to play the game and write a review, as I did for LEGO Indiana Jones: The Video Game, but I won’t have time to do that for a couple weeks.

McDonald’s has of course had Happy Meal toys inspired by the game available for a while (very funny photo by FiddybobiddyFiddy):

William Eng has a bunch of pictures from the LEGO Batman launch party, including this cake by Elisa Strauss:

Mariann Asanuma contributed this mosaic to the launch event:

LEGO Batman: The Video Game is available on the following platforms:

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  1. Mariann Asanuma

    Just so every one knows, that cake was eaten at the event. I didn’t get a slice :( I was too busy working on my model, but I did see them cutting into it. It was tragic to see that, but at the same time, cakes are meant to be eaten. That’s why I work with LEGO and not cakes (I did try cake decorating as a kid actually), you can keep a LEGO model forever!

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