“Endurance” microscale carrier

I will try to steer away from the drama and hype about the Castle Advent Calendar in an attempt to distract the viewers so I can get a better shot at securing my two copies. Ok, I admit it’s not working.

Meanwhile, Soren Roberts‘ Endurance Fleet Carrier is a very noteworthy microscale creation, one of the better ones to hit the public in several months. It is interesting to note that the name of the ship “Endurance” fits well with the fact that this creation has been lingering around as a work in progress model since January 2007, but it mattered more that Soren finished the race.

8 comments on ““Endurance” microscale carrier

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  2. Peter

    Yeah, I have to agree with Ry. Soren demonstrates why he is one of the top masters of microspace with this build. The sense of scale, the feeling of massiveness, and the little details all combine to give this build a versimilitude that simply doesn’t exist in many microspace builds.

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