Monthly Archives: February 2007

News: Can you help save the Building Instructions Portal?

Several years ago, Jake McKee, the former “community guy” for The LEGO Company, created the Building Instructions Portal (currently unavailable).

Due to real-life priorities, Jake announced over the weekend on LUGNET that he’s looking for someone to whom he can hand over the reigns of the site.

Read all about it on LUGNET, but in particular Jake is looking for someone familar with Adobe ColdFusion. (I miss Allaire…)

EDIT: Jake clarifies:

I’m looking for someone interested in a solution, which may or may not be based on ColdFusion. Since the site AND the database need to be recreated from the ground up (because both were done by a foolish young code noob…me), language doesn’t really matter.

Citroen DS by MisterZumbi

Via Polish LEGO blog Klocki Lego dla dorosłych, here’s MisterZumbi’s adorable five-wide Citroen DS:

Naturally, MisterZumbi created some fashionable Parisians to go with the classic French car:

Check out that purse! And I’m no fan of real-life poodles, but what minifig Parisian would be complete without a brick-built pooch?

Final Fantasy III Characters

To welcome all of you clicking through from Kotaku (and taking down our server for a couple hours yesterday — sorry!), I whipped together another batch of minifigs inspired by video game characters. This is the first of three posts.

Without further ado, here are the characters from Final Fantasy III for Nintendo DS:

From left to right, that’s Ingus, Luneth (as a black mage), Arc (ranger), and Refia (geomancer with bell).