Monthly Archives: February 2007

New Mecha Series from Izzo

For someone with Photoshop skills who’s a fan of both mecha model kits and LEGO, creating one’s own line of kits (well, at least an imaginary line), complete with box art, seems inevitable. Izzo is one such person, and he just started a new series of mecha called “Gunhead Bagune.”

Here’s BG-01 OA-LBUE (blog post):

And BG-02 MIDON-GURE (blog post):

New Advanced Building Techniques Guide by Didier Enjary

If you’ve ever wanted to improve your building skills by incorporating advanced techniques such as SNIR (studs not in a row), curved walls, or lettering, Didier Enjary has created The Unofficial LEGO Advanced Building Techniques Guide.

Read Didier’s announcement on LUGNET, and download the 37-page PDF today!

Squieu’s Yokozuna Power Armor

I don’t think very many people will disagree with me when I say that Squieu is one of the greatest mecha builders around. He recently uploaded pictures of more than a dozen new mecha, but this one in particular caught my eye — an awesome suit of power armor:

Yokozuna are the highest-ranked class of sumo wrestlers, and the power armor distinctly resembles its namesake.