New Advanced Building Techniques Guide by Didier Enjary

If you’ve ever wanted to improve your building skills by incorporating advanced techniques such as SNIR (studs not in a row), curved walls, or lettering, Didier Enjary has created The Unofficial LEGO Advanced Building Techniques Guide.

Read Didier’s announcement on LUGNET, and download the 37-page PDF today!

4 comments on “New Advanced Building Techniques Guide by Didier Enjary

  1. Didier Enjary

    Hi Arvo,

    Let me say that what impress me are your creations. Keep with your excellent work and I hope to see as soon as possible an article about you in BrickJournal.


  2. Bill Bourn

    Are there any more recent updates to this amazing collection? The proofreader in me wanted to make some minor corrections to the English involved, but I couldn’t wait to try the techniques I had not seen before. Thanks.

  3. peter edwards

    That stuff makes my brain hurt. I struggle with just studs up with all the pieces and colours available.

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