Nano Zeon Mobile Suits by Chuck Citrin

I’m not sure it would be possible to shrink mecha any smaller than these, by Chuck Citrin:

3 comments on “Nano Zeon Mobile Suits by Chuck Citrin

  1. Adam

    Hi !

    I’m really impresed of your creations. That’s awesome. I really want figures ike those on my desk. Please can you send me some details of your robots. I can’t figure out what type of bricks you used, especially arms and torso, I mean main body. I’ll we be very gratefull if can e-mail some plans or type of bricks. See you soon.

    ps. I apologize of my English.


  2. gord

    hi man i love these mechs they are 1 of the coolist i have seen can you give me the steps so i can make some thing like to them
    thanks gord j.l.s

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