Ghost Rider by Jared Burks and Emily Brownlow

Jared Burks (aka “Kaminoan”) and Emily Brownlow (aka “RecluceMage”) are best known for their minifig customization work — waterslide decals and resin-cast accessories, respectively.

This is what you get when these two work together:

Awesome. :twisted:

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  2. Jared

    Well guys hate to tell you this but it is ALL lego except for 6 small pieces of Styrene, a touch of sculpey, and two skull sculpts from Emily. The bike is the Lego frame cut at the front fork to allow it to be extended into a chopper as Lego doesn’t make one. The fork was cut to allow the Lego chain to be inserted, which 5 links were filled to allow it to become rigid. To re-attach the fork at the right height and angle a small styrene box was built up from the frame to allow the fork to rest on and attach to the bike. Then the seat and back fender were made, again out of Lego elements. For stability a small piece of styrene was place between the figs legs to help hold him on the bike and another piece was used to attach the fender on the frame. For the parts check the forums on my site as I am not sure how to include links here. I then took a black sculpt by Emily cut it in half and glued it to the front of the bike and I took the other painted the eyes and nose and cut and attached Lego flames to the head. So honestly the only truly custom part that doesn’t hold its origins in Lego is the skull, which is really needed for this character. Yup that is right I cut LEGO and it feels good. Enjoy, if you liked this one you might like: but who knows, it might not be “Lego” enough for ya. LOL

  3. Dunechaser Post author

    Thanks for the clarification, Jared. Hey, I thought it was cool, and the interweb seems to agree — lots of incoming links to this post from “big” blogs like Neatorama.

  4. Ed Jeter


    A student in my Strategies class is into Legos. He knew of you of course. Today they did Power Point presentations on Halloween. Ghost rider would have been good to have been used.

    Ed Jeter

  5. ZeLegoKing

    Nice, but it looks like “Mega Bloks”. Still darn good, really like the chopper. Mini fig is ok, just can’t see the decal. Fire hair is sickening.

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