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Danzou the Reaper’s Shin-nyu

I recently helped Linus Bohman with some ideas for a cool little space ninja vehicle. Here’s his Shin-nyu, a “long range infiltration and assassination craft” (shin-nyu means “infiltrate” in Japanese):

Be sure to click the picture for the full gallery — lots of great details on this one. Here’s the pilot of the Shin-nyu, Danzou the Reaper (Danzou is named after a legendary Japanese ninja):

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How to Use Useless Bionicle Parts in Exo-Force Sets

Master mecha modeler Tac has posted several mecha inspired by pieces from Exo-Force set 7705: Gate Assault.

This one’s my favorite, mainly because green is my favorite color and I just got that alligator minifig (complete with rare green hair):

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ONE: A Space Odyssey

Richard McCarthy recently blogged a video parody of Spider-Man 2 titled “The Peril of Doc Ock,” from Spite Your Face Productions — the same company that created the LEGO Monty Python Camelot song.

Here’s one I hadn’t seen before, a parody of 2001: A Space Odyssey titled “ONE: A Space Odyssey” (because it’s only one minute long):

And here’s another, not to be confused with Darth Vader conducting the stormtrooper orchestra. (D’oh! Thanks Sean! Sorry Treehouse Animation!)

Be sure to check out SYF’s Web site, and stay current by subscribing to their blog, the aptly named Blog Your Face.

Steampunk Speederbike? Boat? Rototiller?

Flickr user jastermereel08 has been exchanging insults with the world at large through his 133t-speaking insult bot, but this little vehicle caught my eye this morning:

jastermereel08 identifies this as a boat, but I also think it works rather well as a speederbike, and quite possibly a rototiller. Whatever the case, it’s actually kind of cool.

A Forest Road, and a Necromancer

I really respect builders who can cross thematic lines with ease, and Chris Malloy is one such builder, active in the LEGO Star Wars, Castle, and Space communities. His latest creations include two great dioramas that reflect a slice of medieval/fantasy life.

Here’s Chris’ “Road Less Traveled” (I love the mushrooms):

And in this scene, a necromancer finally gets what he deserves:

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