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Izzo’s Vladek Gun

Now here’s something you don’t see every day — a working LEGO pistol that shoots a Knights Kingdom 2 “maxi-fig” head (Izzo, you crazy genius!):

And an action shot:

Below “Vladek Gun,” the text says:

Aim for the target!
Charge, and fire!
Get ahead of your rivals!!!
* Target sold separately.


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LEGO Mindstorms Lie Detector

Via Boing Boing, a Mindstorms lie detector by Michael Gasperi:

Wow. You won’t see very many Mindstorms creations here on DB, so if you’re interested in LEGO robotics, be sure to check out The NXT STEP and the Blog. (Side note: The latter is sponsored by LEGO. Hmmm… How do I pick up sponsorship from LEGO? They could even pay me in bricks…)

LEGO my Eggo?

Kellog’s Eggo and LEGO revealed an inevitable (you know, “L’eggo my Eggo”) tie-in a while back — Eggo waffles shaped like LEGO bricks:

The reverse was also inevitable. Jonathan Eric Hunter (cre8ivejuan on Brickshelf) just posted Eggo waffles made of actual LEGO bricks:

EDIT (3/29/06): The folks over at a company called Strategic Name Development have a blog that’s actually pretty darn interesting, if you’re into names and nomenclature and words and things, like I am. They were kind enough to link here, so thanks guys!

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The Totally True Adventures of Dinosaur and Robot

Put the big blue robot from 4048 Mech Lab and the big red dinosaur from 4507 Prehistoric Creatures in a small apartment and watch the hilarity ensue! That’s the idea behind “The Totally True Adventures of Dinosaur and Robot,” an ongoing series of weirdly funny cartoons. Behold (click for the full-size version):

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