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Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Minifig

Ich culd hardlie beleve the gud fortun of myne internette serching whan varilee ich hapt upon ye blogge of the most estemed gentilman and scholare Geofrie Chaucer. Nay, the Lord hath not taken hym to bee His owne, nor hath he cesed his laboures in wordes nor in woolle. Verilie the flayme werre between the goode sirre and his erstwile frende and wanker of historick renowne Johannes Gowere (Chaucer doth pwn Gowere) inspireth me to facion smal plastick figgurs in honore of wun personne and jest at the othere.

Geoffrey Chaucer (ca. 1343-1400?):
Geoffrey Chaucer

John Gower (ca. 1330-1408?):
John Gower

Beholde ye readers the noble countenanse and liverie of Chaucer, the vapidde gaise and poncey attyre of Gowere. O snappe! Yea, myne mann Chaucer hath a posse, and ich am onesuch personne.

Northwest Poet Minifigs

There’s something about the Pacific Northwest that I find poetic. The glacier-encased mountains in Montana, the wheat fields and orchards of Central Washington, the mist-covered bays and inlets of the Pacific Coast — I connect with the landscape in a way I’ve never connected with any other place.

And I’m not alone. Three of my favorite poets are so-called “Pacific Northwest poets.” I only say “so-called” because their poetic range and influence extend far beyond this little corner of America. These poets inspire me to write my own poetry (appearing soon in a literary journal near you!), but their inspiration can’t help but spill over into my other passions and interests. Thus, Pacific Northwest poets as LEGO minifigs!

Theodore Roethke (1908-1963):
Theodore Roethke

William Stafford (1914-1993):
William Stafford

Richard Hugo (1923-1982):
Richard Hugo

Poets on Flickr (including a bonus T.S. Eliot and some other poetic minifigs coming up here on DB.)

Classic LEGO-Themed PC by seb928

Links to Nathan Sawaya’s LEGO PC (as featured in PC Magazine) have been circulating the Internet lately, but here’s something a little different: From Brickshelf user seb928, a working LEGO PC whose case uses iconic 70’s and 80’s LEGO sets, such as 375 Castle and 928 Galaxy Explorer:

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Jens Joins the Trend

And a third castle minifig builder officially makes it a trend! Jens just posted an update to one of my favorite Brickshelf folders, his “People, Warlocks, Wizards and other Persons.” The latest updates:

Side Note: Jens is a collector of rare-colored parts. The black beard, the red wizard’s hat, and the black polearm (among many other pieces in his collection) are all colors not available in sets released by LEGO.

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Ichiro Mosaic by JunLEGO

I was extremely pleased that Japan won the World Baseball Classic last week. Hurray! To honor this victory, Azumu presented several baseball-themed creations on LEGO-BINGO. Here’s my favorite — a mosaic of Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners, by Brickshelf user junlego:

I’m really looking forward to the beginning of the MLB season. I’m even taking Monday, April 3 off from work to go see opening day at Safeco Field. I haven’t missed an opening day for four or five years now. Go Japan, go! Go Mariners, go! Go Ichiro, go!