Northwest Poet Minifigs

There’s something about the Pacific Northwest that I find poetic. The glacier-encased mountains in Montana, the wheat fields and orchards of Central Washington, the mist-covered bays and inlets of the Pacific Coast — I connect with the landscape in a way I’ve never connected with any other place.

And I’m not alone. Three of my favorite poets are so-called “Pacific Northwest poets.” I only say “so-called” because their poetic range and influence extend far beyond this little corner of America. These poets inspire me to write my own poetry (appearing soon in a literary journal near you!), but their inspiration can’t help but spill over into my other passions and interests. Thus, Pacific Northwest poets as LEGO minifigs!

Theodore Roethke (1908-1963):
Theodore Roethke

William Stafford (1914-1993):
William Stafford

Richard Hugo (1923-1982):
Richard Hugo

Poets on Flickr (including a bonus T.S. Eliot and some other poetic minifigs coming up here on DB.)

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