LEGO my Eggo?

Kellog’s Eggo and LEGO revealed an inevitable (you know, “L’eggo my Eggo”) tie-in a while back — Eggo waffles shaped like LEGO bricks:

The reverse was also inevitable. Jonathan Eric Hunter (cre8ivejuan on Brickshelf) just posted Eggo waffles made of actual LEGO bricks:

EDIT (3/29/06): The folks over at a company called Strategic Name Development have a blog that’s actually pretty darn interesting, if you’re into names and nomenclature and words and things, like I am. They were kind enough to link here, so thanks guys!

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1 comment on “LEGO my Eggo?

  1. Graehme

    Holy crap that is one of the coolest creations of lego, you should request a set to build one. :O

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