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Medieval Mountain Bobsledding

This winter scene, by mrcp6d is a ton of fun. To begin with, the landscaping and snowbanks are perfect. That isn’t easy to do and it gives this model a great foundation. But it is the posing of the minifigs that really sells this build. The grim vikings as they lose, the celebrating of the winners and their fans and the total dejection of the bare-armed woman (isn’t she cold?) as she watches her team come in last really make this scene come alive. It’s too bad bobsledding wasn’t invented until the 1870s because it would have been a great medieval sport!

Mountain Bobsled Racing 2

Beast Quake, 12th Man, and the Seahawks

I can’t say I’d ever imagined blogging a sports-related creation, let alone football. It’s just not my thing. But TBB perennial favorite Iain Heath presents the Beast Quake, referring to the roar of Seattle’s home crowd that registered seismic activity in the region. You know. Typical Seattle stuff.

Anyway, here it is in its blue and green glory.

Beast Quake!

(For what it’s worth? Go Hawks!)

Suit up for some Zero-G Classic Spaceball.

The 2013 MocAthalon is churning out some imaginative entries, like this future-sport diorama from Jon Blackford, a.k.a. Heiwa71 called “Zero-G Classic Spaceball”. Constructed for the category “No Gravity”, this impressive model features Classic Sports boilerplate like cheerleaders, goals, fans and even a machine to generate the “jump-ball”. The only thing curiously missing is a score-board, but perhaps Classic Spacemen have evolved past the need to keep score. The game appears to be a mix between soccer, basketball and the game Triad from the old Battlestar Galactica series played in either red or blue diapers. MOCpages has additional photos for your viewing pleasure.

Zero-G Classic Spaceball