A cozy ski chalet with a working lift [Video]

Jason Allemann typically builds kinetic sculptures without minifigures in mind. But this time, he’s decided to come at it from the little guys’ perspective! The most recent addition to the JK Brickworks collection is a cute little LEGO ski chalet. Now it’s time to hit the slopes, so come with us as we take a tour!

Ski Hill and Chalet

In general, it has lots of character and fun details, but the most prominent feature is, of course, the lift. When the skier is placed at the bottom, the mechanism effortlessly carries the figure to the top of the slope. It’s a slick mechanism, and the only thing that would make it better would be if the skier came back around on his own to be picked up again.

For the timed trials, Jason has rigged a gate mechanism. Just place the figure at the top, press the button, and watch her fly!

There is even a toboggan slope coming off the roof! Not sure about the level of safety on that one! All these things combined turn simple mechanics into something super fun and quite adorable.

If you want to know how it’s done and take a tour with the man himself, check out the video below.

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