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In the running for the Bio-Cup, literally

Some people record themselves while exercising so they can check their form. But LEGO builder and TBB-regular Eero Okkonen thinks it’s better to mind meld with your cyber avatar before heading out for a jog instead. In a bit of Bio-Cup mastery, these figures each display such astounding comprehension of the human form. The large-size avatar features beautiful angles, and not only those achieved by the use of the flexible tubing. For instance, the articulation in the feet is a work of art, differentiating the flex of each shoe to accurately match a runner’s gait. But the normal-size runner is no slouch, employing an interesting technique to sculpt and pose the arms at right angles.

Power Song

Behold The Last Wisteria

The Brothers Brick alumni Nannan Zhang has a knack for creating innovative and breathtaking worlds in LEGO. His specialty seems to be mixing manmade devices with biological elements and this stunning The Last Wisteria is no exception. Let me rephrase that; it’s quite exceptional. His grasp for integrating shapes and colors demonstrates the abilities of a true artist. The tree’s roots intermingled among cold hexagonal tiles are truly awe-inspiring. Even the wisteria’s leaves have a neat order to them. As capable as I like to think I am, even my own words don’t do this piece justice so instead, we’ll let Nannan use his; Among rapid cybernetic hybridization, a thing of beauty flourishes above the metallic earth.. A thing of beauty, indeed. Check out our Nannan Zhang archives to see why sometimes we’re lost for words but we still try anyway.

The Last Wisteria