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LEGO Ideas: 21305 Maze [Review]

The latest product of LEGO Ideas has arrived, and unlike many of the previous Ideas sets, it’s not a pop-culture reference. LEGO Ideas is the company’s crowdsourcing initiative, and this set was originally designed by LEGO fan Jason Alleman. It is a classic two-axis ball maze familiar to kids and frustrated adults everywhere. We highlighted Jason’s original LEGO Ball Maze way back in 2012, and now almost four years later LEGO Ideas 21305 Maze will hit shelves April 1. The Maze contains 769 pieces for $69.99 USD. LEGO has provided us with an early copy to review, so let’s dig in.

LEGO Ideas 21305 Maze

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LEGO announces Adventure Time and Caterham Super 7 to become official IDEAS models [News]

The LEGO Ideas team has announced the winners of the second 2015 Review round. These projects will now proceed through a design phase, where LEGO designers will tweak the designs, and then they will be available to the public as official LEGO sets.

Adventure Time, by aBetterMonkey

Caterham Super Seven, by Carl Greatrix

There is no word yet on pricing or availability; we’ll be sure to let you know when we find out!

The announcement also noted LEGO has reviewed the Star Citizen F7A Hornet the last two review periods; this time, the decision was made not to consider the project further.

The next review round is underway, with an announcement anticipated later in the spring.

Congratulations to the selected projects!

9 projects qualify for final 2015 LEGO IDEAS crowdsourcing round [News]

LEGO has announced the finalists for the third and last 2015 review round from their crowdsourcing platform, LEGO IDEAS. To qualify, each project had to garner 10,000 votes on the IDEAS website. Being a finalist means LEGO will take a serious look at turning the project into an official LEGO set. It does not, however, guarantee that the project will definitely be created into a set. Generally LEGO selects a single project to move forward to set design, though sometimes none of the finalists make the cut. The IDEAS platform has brought us a wide variety of sets, from The Big Bang Theory, to Birds, to the recently released Doctor Who set.

2015’s second review round is still pending, though an announcement is expected early this year.

LEGO Ideas fails all 13 projects in first round of reviews for 2015 [News]

Disappointing news today for LEGO fans hoping to get their models turned into official sets, or looking forward to purchasing interesting new models. This morning LEGO announced that they have finished examining all 13 projects which passed the 10,000 vote mark on LEGO Ideas during the first quarter of 2015, and that none of the projects will be moving forward to become official sets. The potential projects included intellectual properties such as Legend of Zelda, Discworld, The International Space Station, a miniature version of Nathan Sawaya’s famous Yellow LEGO sculpture, and the Golden Girls, as well as a brick-built Tyrannosaurus Rex, a model of the Titanic, and a castle-themed market, among others.

LEGO says that each of the models either rely upon IPs whose owners cannot come to an agreement with LEGO, or the models are too closely related to current or future LEGO products, or they would be too difficult to turn into an official LEGO set.

In the one glimmer of hope given, LEGO says they are still considering the previous round’s F7A Star Hornet from the forthcoming crowd-funded video game Star Citizen, though with the caveat that LEGO may still choose to deny this project as well.

LEGO Ideas 1st 2015 Review

Finally, here are the candidates for the next review round, the results of which are set to be announced in early 2016.

LEGO Ideas 2015 Review

Turtle Insanity

The LEGO Group and Eurobricks have teamed up to help celebrate the release of Pete Reid’s Exo Suit with a  Turtle building contest.

I decided to take my own stab at building some turtles, creating an adorable little turtle facing off with turtle inspired Exo-Suit.

Turtle Insanity Contest!

Hopefully we will see a whole lot more  fun Turtle creations this month.

LEGO Ideas Exo Suit Officially Revealed [News]

LEGO has just released an announcement video for the forthcoming LEGO Ideas (née Cuusoo) set, 21109 Exo Suit, based on Peter Reid’s terrific design submission. This is one of the more imaginative videos LEGO has done for an announcement, and it fits perfectly into Peter’s Space universe that he lays out in his book, LEGO Space: Building the Future. See our previous coverage of this set here and here. There appears to still be no word on the price or part count, though it is set to be released in August.

10241 Exo Suit logo