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Dragon Kill

In his posting for this model on Flickr, builder A Plastic Infinity composed a list of reason why prospective viewers should take the time and leave a comment. Most of them were fairly boilerplate self promotional offerings like “Because it’s my favorite!” and “the photos are good this time.”, but my favorite was definitely “Medusa tails!“. How can I possibly argue with that logic?…so enjoy the Medusa tails, and the rest of this scene from an up and coming builder.

Dragon Kill

Although I blogged the creature a few months ago in a Sunday round-up, the builder has since added a decorative base and is therefore worth a second look. Enjoy “Quane in Wonderland.

Quane in Wonderland


The title of this post was stolen from a comment by FateHeart on this fascinating model and photo by 62778grenouille, and I couldn’t agree more. The Japanese text roughly translates, to “dude! cool!” which is exactly the way I feel about this model: enthusiastic but also sort of dumbfounded into an uncommunicative state…which isn’t too useful when blogging.


Some of the translation programs I checked had the text reading “dude! What’s up!”, which also works within the context of this post and my feeling about this model. Welcome to the weekend (週末へようこそ。).

Sail Across the Desert

Our hopscotching around the planet for New Guy Saturday draws to a close with one final stop in beautiful Lagoa Santa, Brasil. Felipe Avelar (Felipe Descomplicado) makes in inaugural appearance on TBB with a fantastical conveyance he calls a Flying Sailskiff. File this model somewhere between Jabba’s sail-barge and a flying bathtub, but is pleasantly free of any conventional notions of Steampunk. I really like the spotter minifig with the walkie-talkie way up on the bow, and the nice glow of the lighting through the plate sails.

Flying Sailskiff

I hope you have enjoyed today’s exploration into new talent, we now return you to your regularly scheduled slate of veteran builders and associated boilerplate.

Shinjen the Samurai

Facebook tipster Curtis D Collins is pretty sure that Shinjen the Samurai is fit for your discerning consumption. Curtis, if you’re wrong about this one buddy, that’s it for you. You’ll never get so much as a toe in the revolving door of TBB Headquarters. Your name will be no good in this town. The constant readers of this site will decide your fate as a tipster for TBB in the comments. Even their silence can be deadly.

Shinjen the Samurai

I happen to love this model by Vlad Lisen (Rhymes_Shelter), and I think the readers will too. That face! You’re probably safe this time Collins…but watch your step my friend, especially around Tripod and Gould, those two are spoiling for a fight.