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A solitary outpost on a foreboding moon

I love when a futuristic LEGO build treats space as a hostile environment, and this lunar station by Dan O’Connor is a prime example. With lots of unique window areas, you get the impression these explorers are trying to see as much of the alien landscape as they can, while knowing they’re resigned to only going outside on rare occasions. Thankfully, they’ve got a few space suits and even a droid to assist in any outside-the-airlock activities.

Space Base Overview

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Never have the Middle Ages been so colorful

The city of Cedrica welcomes you with a veritable rainbow of LEGO color, all thanks to builder Dan O’Connor. Amid a central tower sporting some excellent stonework, we have a bustling block of the Medieval metropolis. Minifigures are hard at work under awnings of red, against a background of blue, or proximate to a purple roof. Each construction has its own style here, not only showcasing a full palette of color, but also one brimming with different parts. Even the gold trim in the canoe, while not a route I would typically go, looks brilliant in this vibrant setting.

Visiting Cedrica

Spinning the model 180 degrees shows off even more action. The construction of the violet-topped Tudor can be fully appreciated from this vantage, those small patches of tan breaking up the white of the wattle and daub. And the small tree next to it fits into the scene perfectly without drawing the eye away from all the bustling action nearby. And don’t miss that nefarious-looking fellow tucked back in the alleyway.

Visiting Cedrica